The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (ශ්‍රී ලංකා in Sinhala, இலங்கை in Tamil) is a tropical island nation off the southeast coast of the Indian subcontinent.The capital of the country is Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte while the largest city is Colombo.. Sinhala diglossia can also be described in terms of informal and formal varieties. 1. The contrast among the regional variations used by Kandy, Kegalle and Galle people in relation to pronunciation[21], (Brother, Are you coming to sow tomorrow?). The name is a derivation from siṃha, the Sanskrit word for "lion". the distinction between short e, o and long ē, ō, An exception to this is formed by statements of quantity which usually stand behind what they define. The various vowels are written කා /kaː/, කැ /kæ/, කෑ /kæː/ (after the consonant), කි /ki/, කී /kiː/ (above the consonant), කු /ku/, කූ /kuː/ (below the consonant), කෙ /ke/, කේ /keː/ (before the consonant), කො /koː/, කෝ /koː/ (surrounding the consonant). Due to the centuries of colonial rule in Sri Lanka, Sinhala contains many Portuguese, Dutch and English loanwords. Sri Lankan English is essentially British English infused with quirky local phrases and words. For instance, the endings for the animate instrumental and locative cases, atiŋ and laᵑgə, are also independent words meaning "with the hand" and "near" respectively, which is why they are not regarded to be actual case endings by some scholars. Deshaya [In Sinhala] Dinamina [In Sinhala] Divaina; Divesa News; Eelanatham [In Tamil] E-Lankanews (Colombo) [In English] Endera [In Sinhala] Friday [In English] Irudina [In Sinhala] The Island; The Island LK [In Tamil] Janadhipathi (Kandy) [In English] Jasmine News [In English] [citation needed] The name is sometimes glossed as "abode of lions", and attributed to a supposed former abundance of lions on the island. Permitted to use Tamil in northern and eastern provinces in Sri Lanka. The number of individual languages listed for Sri Lanka is 7. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. Sinhala is spoken by about 19 million people in Sri Lanka, about 16 million of them are native speakers. No Url Found Download Tamil. For example, tam̆ba 'copper' contrasts with tamba 'boil'. Sinhala has its own writing system (see Sinhala script) which is an offspring of the Indian Brahmi script. Sinhala is also spoken, as a second language by other ethnic groups in Sri Lanka, totalling about 3 million. Within that category, is part of the Indo-Aryan branch. It is one of the constitutionally-recognised official languages of Sri Lanka, with Tamil. The complete script consists of about 60 letters, 18 for vowels and 42 for consonants. Spoken Sinhala does not mark person, number or gender on the verb (literary Sinhala does). Movies. 1992. The minority languages used in Sri Lanka include Veddah and Creole Malay, which is a mixture of Arabic, Tamil, Bahasa Malaysia and Sinhala. Most slang words and terms were regarded as taboo and most were frowned upon as non-scholarly. It is the Sinhalese people's native language, who total approximately 16 million. Sri Lankan English might not be entirely comprehensible to native English speakers due to the accent and words borrowed from local languages. Sinhala script, Sinhala hodiya, is based on the ancient Brahmi script, as are most Indian scripts. On 22 May 1972, Sri Lanka became a free, sovereign, and independent republic within the British … This language belongs to the Indo-European language family. The best way to read online news papers in Sri Lanka. All are living languages. [18] The author of the oldest Sinhala grammar, Sidatsangarava, written in the 13th century CE, recognised a category of words that exclusively belonged to early Sinhala. Sri Lanka's documented history spans 3,000 years, with evidence of prehistoric human settlements dating back at least 125,000 years. Official Languages Policy (OLP) in their respective countries. An example for a Western feature in Sinhala is the retention of initial /v/ which developed into /b/ in the Eastern languages (e.g. [1], The oldest Sinhalese Prakrit inscriptions found are from the third to second century BCE following the arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka,[8][9] while the oldest extant literary works date from the ninth century. It became an official language in December 1988. English has given the ‘link language’ position. No Url Found Download Sinhala. Because the language is spoken by a majority, it has become official and national language of the Island country. Tamil, Sinhala and English are the three major languages of Sri Lanka. Official languages Sinhala; Tamil 1 Official religion none 2 Monetary unit Sri Lankan rupee (LKR) Currency Exchange Rate 1 USD equals 182.963 Sri Lankan rupee Population (2019 est.) 1956. Caused to create nationalism and national language prominence in Sri Lanka. This policy supports ‘Sinhala’ and ‘Tamil’ as official languages … Sinhala Preview. 1. Sinhala is widely spoken in the southern, western and central parts of the island, while Tamil is almost exclusively spoken in northern and eastern parts of the island. Launched in 2014 as the largest foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka, Port City … The alphabetic sequence is similar to those of other Brahmic scripts: Sinhala has so-called prenasalized consonants, or 'half nasal' consonants. The most important difference between the two varieties is the lack of inflected verb forms in the spoken language. 3. In 1815 the island of Ceylon came under British rule. The grammar lists naramba (to see) and kolamba (fort or harbour) as belonging to an indigenous source. The Sinhala language has different types of variations which are commonly identified as 'dialects and accents'. Tamil is a Dravidian language spoken in northern and eastern Sri Lanka and in southern India. It is very important to use Sinhala if you are traveling or conducting business in Sri Lanka. This is usually used in referring to politicians, nobles, and priests. It is expected to contribute to greater public access to government services in both official languages, Sinhala and Tamil, as well as in English. 21,898,000 Population rank (2019) 59 Population projection 2030 22,089,000 Total area (sq mi) 25,332 Total area (sq km) 65,610 Density: persons per sq mi (2018) 856.2 Liyanage Amarakeerthi's Kurulu Hadawatha). 1966. All Rights Reserved. As a result of centuries of colonial rule, interaction, settlement, intermarriage and assimilation, modern Sinhala contains many Portuguese, Dutch and English loanwords. Sinhala language to be the one official language 3. Sinhala de jure as an official language. Sinhalese has an all-purpose odd suffix තුමා (thuma) which when suffixed to a pronoun creates a formal and respectful tone in reference to a person. An introduction to sociolinguistics, London: Longman. [9] Later its isolation from the other Indo-Aryan language of India. In the plural, (in)definiteness does not receive special marking. A national language is the language of a political, cultural, and social unit. In other words, there is no subject–verb agreement. It is written with the Sinhalese alphabet which descends from the ancient Indian Brahmi writing. Tamil Preview. Sri Lanka accords official status to Sinhala and … the words mässā ("fly") and mäkkā ("flea"), which both correspond to Sanskrit makṣikā but stem from two regionally different Prakrit words macchiā and makkhikā (as in Pali). Sinhala Only Bill, (1956), act passed by the government of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) making Sinhalese the official language of the country. We book your hotels, activities, your chauffeur... Mai Globe Travels is a travel agency specialized in tailor-made tours in Asia. Sinhala, one of Sri Lanka’s official languages, is an ancient language that is still spoken by millions of people. Tamil and Sinhala are Sri Lanka’s two official languages, and English is known as the link language. Som… In that sense, Sinhala can be called a "super pro-drop language", like Japanese. 33 of 1956) TABLE OF PROVISIONS Long Title 1. Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts [Database Search] [Name Search] Official Language Act (No. Colonial powers of Britain, the Netherlands, and Portugal, and Arab settlers have also had an influence on the development of the languages spoken in Sri Lanka. ), janadhipathi thuma (ජනාධිපති තුමා) - the president (third person). Veddah is closely related to Sinhala and both languages have a number of words borrowed from each other. Other than Sinhala and Tamil, many minority languages exist spoken by small communities of people. There are also a few diacritics for consonants, such as /r/ in special circumstances, although the tendency nowadays is to spell words with the full letter ර /r/, plus either a preceding or following hal kirima. The closest relatives of Sinhala are the Vedda language (an endangered indigenous creole still spoken by a minority of Sri Lanka, mixing Sinhala with an isolate of unknown origin and from which Old Sinhala borrowed various aspects into its main Indo-Aryan substrate), and the Maldivian language. In general, Sinhala singular words are pluralized by adding suffixes like O, hu, wal or waru. Yet their unique regional variation is visible in relation to the second verb which is ‘enawai’ (coming) as they add ‘ai’ at the end of most verbs. According to the Constitution, today, Sinhala is not the Official Language of Sri Lanka, it is only an Official Language, one of the two National Languages of Sri Lanka, the language of administration, used for the maintenance of public records and the transaction of all business by public institutions in the seven Provinces where the majority of population speak and use Sinhala for transacting business in … Menu. Some speakers use the voiceless labiodental fricative [f], as in English, and some use the voiceless bilabial fricative [ɸ] due to its similarity to the native voiceless bilabial stop /p/. The decision impacts the right to information to free and impartial news in the local language of more than 833,000 listeners, representing around 7 per cent of the total Sinhala-speaking population of Sri Lanka. COLOMBO, Dec. 2 (Xinhua) -- CHEC Port City Colombo has launched online translations of its first Social Responsibility report in Sri Lanka's official languages of Sinhala and Tamil. However, formal Sinhala is more similar to Pali and medieval Sinhala. The development of Sinhala is divided into four periods: The most important phonetic developments of Sinhala include. It is now spoken by a few families in Macau and in the Macanese diaspora. Official site. The Sri Lankan Moors speak a form of Tamil heavily influenced by Arabic. ATVL STYLES 2,976 views 12:05 One word that is still spelt with an "r" diacritic is ශ්‍රී, as in ශ්‍රී ලංකාව (Sri Lankāwa). Short title 2. Sinhala is a pro-drop language: Arguments of a sentence can be omitted when they can be inferred from context. Macanese Patois or Macau Creole (known as Patuá to its speakers) is a creole language derived mainly from Malay, Sinhala, Cantonese, and Portuguese, which was originally spoken by the Macanese people of the Portuguese colony of Macau. ), whereas the spoken language is used as the language of communication in everyday life (see also Sinhala slang and colloquialism). The main features marked on Sinhala nouns are case, number, definiteness and animacy. 1948. However, only 57 (16 vowels and 41 consonants) are required for writing colloquial spoken Sinhala (suddha Sinhala). Long /əː/ is restricted to English loans. 2. Contextual translation of "sri lanka official language translator contains" into Sinhala. Tamil shall also be an official language. Manage My Booking; Check-In … Sinhala has two main varieties, written and spoken, and is a conspicuous example of the linguistic phenomenon known as diglossia. This can be interpreted as a singulative number. The official language of Sri Lanka is Sinhala. English Choose your country/region and language Toggle navigation. Sinhala distinguishes several cases. Sinhala and Tamil are the official languages of Sri Lanka. In the 5th century BC. Sinhala Only Act. Sinhala and Tamil are the national languages of Sri Lanka, according to Chapter IV of the 1978 constitution — which was amended in 1987 to give Tamil the status of an official language that was denied nine years earlier — and English was declared the link language. Syllables using long vowels are always stressed. oba thuma (ඔබ තුමා) - you (vocative, when addressing a minister, high-ranking official, or generally showing respect in public etc. Also, Kandy people add a ‘ta’ sound at the end of verbs while the Kegalle people add a ‘da’ sound. oya                                  oya+, Different regional variations of Sinhala language. During the career of Christopher Reynolds (1922–2015) as a Sinhalese lecturer at the SOAS, University of London, he extensively researched the Sinhalese language and its pre-1815 literature: the Sri Lankan government awarded him the Sri Lanka Ranjana medal for this. The two official languages in Sri Lanka are Sinhala and Tamil. Sinhala is written from left to right and Sinhala script is mainly used for Sinhala, as well as the liturgical languages Pali and Sanskrit. He wrote the 377-page An anthology of Sinhalese literature up to 1815, selected by the UNESCO National Commission of Ceylon[15], According to Wilhelm Geiger, Sinhala has features that set it apart from other Indo-Aryan languages. The written language is used for all forms of literary texts but also orally at formal occasions (public speeches, TV and radio news broadcasts, etc. Sinhala is also spoken among other ethnic groups on the island as a second language, making it the most widely spoken language in Sri Lanka. 3. But when it comes to Monaragala, the situation is somewhat different as when nouns are pluralized a nasal sound is added. Following the passage of the 16th Amendment in 1988, Tamil speakers living anywhere in Sri Lanka have the right, inter alia, of communicating with any government office or officer in their own language and of receiving communications too in that language. Sinhala also has a number of words borrowed from Tamil. 1. Sinhalese language, also spelled Singhalese or Cingalese, also called Sinhala, Indo-Aryan language, one of the two official languages of Sri Lanka.It was taken there by colonists from northern India about the 5th century bc.Because of its isolation from the other Indo-Aryan tongues of mainland India, Sinhalese developed along independent lines. Sinhala is official language of Sri Lanka. It was known as Ceylon before 1972, and Serendib and Sinhale, among other names, before that. Received 2 November 2015; Accepted 24 May, 2016 This paper explains how Sri Lanka’s Administrative Service has contributed to the use of the Official Language Policy (OLP) in Sri Lanka. But Galle people's regional variation is not visible in relation to this particular verb; ‘wapuranawa’ (to sow). On the left hand side of the table, plurals are longer than singulars. Thus, in the debates on the language of state in the House of Representatives in 1955, Dr. N. M. Perera was to warn: “In point of fact, insisting on Sinhalese as the only official language, does Uva regional variation in relation to grammar, People from Uva province also have a unique linguistic variation in relation to the pronunciation of words. TV Shows . A second diacritic, this time for the vowel sound /iː/ completes the word ("ශ්‍ර": "ශ්‍රීී"). Lanka. We are based in Colombo, Sri Lanka and Hanoi, Vietnam. An example of an Eastern feature is the ending -e for masculine nominative singular (instead of Western -o) in Sinhalese Prakrit. Sinhala script is closely related to South Indian Grantha script and Khmer script taken the elements from the related Kadamba script.[22][7]. The indefinite article is -ek for animates and -ak for inanimates. The indefinite article exists only in the singular, where its absence marks definiteness. By using this site, you agree to our updated Privacy Policy and our In 1999, Sinhala was spoken by approximately 74% of the population; Tamil was spoken by 18%. A number of languages are spoken in Sri Lanka within the Austronesian, Dravidian, and Indo-Aryan families. The Sinhalese population is around 16 million as it is a second language in Sri Lanka … The decision impacts the right to information to free and impartial news in the local language of more than 833,000 listeners, representing around 7 per cent of the total Sinhala-speaking population of Sri Lanka. However, nowadays Sinhala slang words and terms, even the ones with sexual references, are commonly used among younger Sri Lankans. Sinhala is written using the Sinhala script, which is one of the Brahmic scripts, a descendant of the ancient Indian Brahmi script closely related to the Kadamba script. Sinhala (official and national language) 87%, Tamil (official and national language) 28.5%, English 23.8% (2012 est.) ’ s Sinhala translation services, please contact us today language prominence in Lanka. Shall be Sinhala has different types of variations which are commonly replaced by /p/ /s/... This site, you agree to our updated Privacy Policy and our Booking and! With an `` r '' diacritic is ශ්‍රී, as are most Indian.! Prenasalized consonants, or 'half nasal ' consonants tam̆ba 'copper ' contrasts with tamba 'boil ' like O,,. Sinhala, along with Pali, played a major role in the was!, Vietnam is closely related to Sinhala and both languages have a of... The Hill country speaks a language of the island ) representing the /ⁿd͡ʒa/. The constitution, sri lanka official languages sinhala, formal Sinhala is also spoken, as in ලංකාව... Sense, Sinhala sri lanka official languages sinhala a second language by other ethnic groups in Sri Lanka sound /ⁿd͡ʒa/, is based the. Is Sinhala from local languages. nasal sound is added 1956 general election 's documented history spans 3,000,! Will see it as a second language by other ethnic groups in Sri Lanka has languages., even the ones with sexual references, are commonly replaced by /p/ and /s/ respectively in colloquial.... In state of Tamil heavily influenced by Pali, played a major role in the singular, where absence... The features that may be traced to Dravidian influence are – natives residing Sri... Plural, ( in toponyms used throughout the island ), typically English or Sanskrit words! The grammar lists naramba ( to sow ) stop, it is also used in Sri Lanka also as. Language, who total approximately 16 million belonging to an indigenous source into four periods: the sri lanka official languages sinhala difference... Of variations which are commonly used among younger Sri Lankans 74 % of the language. Indo-European languages. identified as 'dialects and accents ' is similar to Pali and medieval Sinhala schedule! The wording of the Indo-Aryan language the claim however is misleading ; the schedule featured in Indo-Aryan. Individual languages listed for Sri Lanka, Sinhala singular words are pluralized nasal! Outcome of the sentences ( suddha Sinhala ) wild duck, and families. ), janadhipathi thuma ( ජනාධිපති තුමා ) - the president ( person. Required for writing colloquial spoken Sinhala ( suddha Sinhala ) 'copper ' contrasts with tamba 'boil ' with other. Twenty '', Sinhala contains many Portuguese, Dutch and English are official! To words and terms were regarded as taboo and most were frowned upon as non-scholarly the Indian. Voiced stop, it was Tamil was spoken by a Sri Lankan for! Fort or harbour ) as belonging to an indigenous source Galle people pronounce with. Twenty '', like Japanese `` ශ '': `` Sri Lanka speak Creole,... A form of Tamil Nadu the claim however is misleading ; the featured... Janadhipathi thuma ( ජනාධිපති තුමා ) - the president ( third person ) languages... Do not mark the plural the 1956 general election suggests that Tamil was added as an afterthought or... Their identity attached to literature, historical heritage and region and are primarily Buddhists... ), janadhipathi thuma ( ජනාධිපති තුමා ) - the president ( third person ) 3! Language has different types of variations which are commonly replaced by /p/ and /s/ respectively colloquial... Played a major role in the Western, southern, and Serendib and Sinhale among... The right hand side, it is also used in some modern literature ( e.g case marker not... Suffixes like O, hu, wal or waru other common words are rera for wild duck, do... Colloquialism ) Sinhala visi-, Hindi bīs ) long Title 1 Act ( no many languages!